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New, MEDIA South Sudanese army and rebels clash in oil-rich Unity state

New, MEDIA Chinese firms complete Ethiopia-Djibouti railroad project

New, MEDIA Black is beautiful, don’t bleach your skin

New, SPORTS Burkina Faso's Derme dies in the middle of a game in France

New, MEDIA Zimbabwe police to ban protests in capital for a month

New, MEDIA Lungu to be inaugurated

New, MEDIA Mo Farah ‘Suffered Shocking Racist Abuse’ On Flight Home

New, MEDIA Somaliland wants to secede – here's why caution is necessa

New, MEDIA Gabon president: I did not encourage violence

New, MEDIA Niger floods leave 32 dead, 92,000 homeless

New, MEDIA Traffic between Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso halted after bridg

New, MEDIA Gabon justice minister resigns, calls for vote recount

New, MEDIA PHOTOS: Ivory Coast president rewards Olympic medalists with

New, MEDIA Nigerian opposition calls for protest against President Buha

New, MEDIA Ivory Coast evicts thousands of farmers to save forests

New, MEDIA AU Commission voices 'great concern' about Ethiopian violenc

New, MEDIA Egypt MP Says Women Must Accept FGM Due to Country’s ‘Se

New, MEDIA Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in Kenya to push for free i

New, MEDIA 'Black learners told to "get over it" when they complain abo

New, MEDIA 1,000 arrested in Gabon post-election violence

New, MEDIA Rwanda kills two Burundian food smugglers

New, MEDIA Two killed, several wounded as police storm Gabon opposition

New, MEDIA Hair protest hits Cape Town school

New, MEDIA, OPINION Black hair, sharp scissors and the totality of white power

New, MEDIA White assimilation, and the girls who are rejecting it

New, MEDIA Zim charges 68 with violence

New, MEDIA Suicide car bomb kills five in Mogadishu

New, MEDIA Gabon opposition chief claims election victory

New, MEDIA I survived 5 assassination attempts, Malawi leader claims

New, MEDIA Pretoria Girls High faces fury after black pupils told to

New, MEDIA The link between uranium from the DRC and Hiroshima: a story

New, MEDIA U.N. Experts Seem Horrified By How American Schools Treat Bl

New, MEDIA No UK taxpayers money will be used to fund Mugabe's govt'

New, MEDIA Timbuktu destruction: jihadist pleads guilty

New, MEDIA Over 250 displaced in Zambia after clashes

New, MEDIA Ethiopia's government vows Olympic medallist has nothing to

New, MEDIA Egyptian minister implicated in damning wheat report

New, MEDIA No bailout for Zim until Mugabe disappears from power foreve

New, MEDIA Zimbabwean police fire tear gas, water cannon to disperse pr

New, MEDIA Boko Haram kills five on reopened highway

New, MEDIA S Sudan's Machar flees

New, MEDIA Mozambican leaders agree on power sharing

New, MEDIA Water problems persist in Malawi's capital

New, MEDIA SA race relations so bad, it could lead to civil war - Berna

New, MEDIA Severe weather threaten food production in Ethiopia

New, MEDIA UN to deploy force of 4,000 troops to S. Sudan

New, POLITICS Opposition takes lead in Zambia

New, MEDIA British aristocrat's son freed on bail despite protest

New, MEDIA Cosatu warns ANC against coalitions with ‘racist’ DA

ECONOMY SA to boot Nigeria out as Africa's largest economy