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New, MEDIA Denmark unveils first public statue of black woman

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New, MEDIA Botswana president steps down before end of term

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New, MEDIA Zimbabwe opposition announces new leader after Tsvangirai's

New, MEDIA Ethiopian prime minister resigns following mass protests

New, MEDIA Nigerian cryptocurrency craze unfazed by bitcoin plunge

New, MEDIA It takes a village to end illiteracy

New, MEDIA Fresh talks on S. Sudan crisis begin

New, MEDIA Italian man held after driving through city shooting at blac

New, MEDIA SA, Rwanda clash over AU reforms

New, MEDIA Britain welcomes Mnangagwa's 'fair' land reform

New, MEDIA Zimbabwe to give white farmers 99-year leases, like black co

New, MEDIA How China spied on the African Union’s computers

New, MEDIA Libyan authorities arrest smugglers for torture of Sudanese

New, MEDIA Mass expulsion under way as Israel begins deporting 40,000 E

New, MEDIA Tanzanian slay queens banned from posting ‘improper’ pic

New, MEDIA African Union slams 'hurtful, upsetting' Trump remark

New, MEDIA Genocide negotiations between Germany and Namibia hit stumbl

New, MEDIA security guard chained to fence post on Cape farm

New, MEDIA West African immigrants ‘dumped in sea’ off Namibian coa

New, MEDIA Israel Deports African Jew With Valid Visa Hours After Landi

New, MEDIA IN PICTURES: White Zimbabwean farmers return to seized land

New, MEDIA Quest to extradite Ethiopia's dictator Mengistu as Mugabe de

New, MEDIA Egyptian church cancels meeting with US Vice President

New, MEDIA White farmers get land back in Zimbabwe

New, MEDIA The West owes Zimbabwe a future

New, MEDIA The CFA Franc: French Monetary Imperialism in Africa

Analysis Emmerson Mnangagwa – the man behind Zimbabwe’s ‘coup


New, MEDIA Madagascar’s grave dilemma

New, MEDIA Slice of life: The land is ours – let’s work it

New, MEDIA Somalia mourns as death toll from al-Shabaab attack rises to

New, MEDIA Two South Africans arrested in Tanzania for homosexuality


New, MEDIA Dutch tourists leave SA after being robbed

New, MEDIA Angola's Dos Santos 'turned state into family business'

New, MEDIA Racism is behind outlandish theories about Africa’s ancien

New, MEDIA Mugabe calls Trump 'Giant Gold Goliath'

New, MEDIA Ethiopia: 55,000 People Displaced Amid Ethnic Clashes

New, MEDIA Troops kill 18 Burundian refugees in Congo

New, MEDIA Somali book fair offers respite from bombs