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New, MEDIA Nigerian air force kills 50 and wounds 120 in northeast - MS

New, MEDIA Europe's first hitler and the genocide of congo people

New, MEDIA A Zimbabwean teenage girl has reportedly won a $2 000 lawsui

New, MEDIA Taiwan slams Nigeria, Beijing over trade office snub

New, MEDIA Nigeria's lawmakers to consider asylum for Gambia's Jammeh

New, MEDIA Gambian minister defects

New, MEDIA Speculation Uganda's Museveni grooming son

New, MEDIA Cameroon Anglophone, francophone divide

New, MEDIA Ivory Coast PM resign

New, MEDIA Ghana’s new president apologises for plagiarism

New, MEDIA Ivory Coast uprising by disgruntled soldiers spreads to othe

New, MEDIA Nigeria’s ex-oil minister will have to give up $153 millio

New, MEDIA Germany hints at payments for colonial-era Namibia killings

New, MEDIA Akufo takes oath in Ghana

New, MEDIA China now owns more than half of Kenya’s external debt

New, MEDIA Soldiers mutiny in 3 I Coast cities over pay

New, MEDIA 'Blacks are cockroaches' -Phillip Roodt of SA

New, MEDIA ANCYL wants 60% black ownership for all firms doing state bu

New, MEDIA Namibia groups sue Germany for alleged genocide

New, MEDIA SA backs Western Sahara independence

New, MEDIA Chibok schoolgirl kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014 found safe

New, MEDIA US court hears lawsuit over Namibia genocide

New, MEDIA Ghana president urges public to support successor

New, MEDIA Netanyahu openly boasts of Israel’s war on Africans

New, MEDIA Jamaican family of 7 that found roots in Tanzania

New, MEDIA More private Gambian stations silenced

New, MEDIA Dlamini-Zuma says leaders to blame for Africa's problems

New, MEDIA Nigeria attacks SA police after 'barbaric' death

New, MEDIA Libya deputy PM quits, saying he has 'failed'

New, MEDIA DRC: Five facts

New, MEDIA Ecowas move is an 'act of war', says Gambia's Jammeh

New, MEDIA Son of E.Guinea leader goes on trial in France

New, MEDIA Nigeria's 'plastic rice' real but inedible - official

New, MEDIA 50kg of rhino horns shipped from Kenya seized in Hanoi airpo

New, MEDIA Netanyahu cancels aid to Angola

New, MEDIA Top ten Black Billionaires 2016

CULTURE Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar lll, Rejects Gender Equal

TOURISM Why Safaris Are The Perfect Family Getaway

New, TECHNOLOGY Despite IT Boom, over 90% of Africa Has No Internet Access

New, MEDIA Ex-Somali refugees regret coming home

New, MEDIA Gambian president-elect tells Jammeh to transfer power like

New, MEDIA Christmas service accidentally prints words to Tupac's ‘Ha

New, MEDIA Germany's first holocaust in Namibia

New, MEDIA Security Council to vote on South Sudan arms embargo

New, MEDIA 20 Xmas travellers drown in Uganda boat accident

New, MEDIA Congo politicians agree deal for Kabila's exit in 2017

New, MEDIA Jammeh says not a 'coward' and won't leave