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Race and the woman in the cage: Can the caged speak?

By admin   Posted in Andile’s Column Featured Posted on January 21, 2017 By Andile Mngxitama “That’s us,” was my first reaction upon seeing the image of the black woman at the back of a bakkie, caged in an animal … read more »

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Swedish Lucia ad racism is shocking and hypocritical

  Journalist Edinah Masanga writes about the online abuse suffered by a child featured in a Swedish Lucia advert. There is something inherently wrong or, rather more aptly, hypocritical about Europeans fighting to continue a “cultural” event of celebrating Zwarte … read more »

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Black hair, sharp scissors and the totality of white power

        The power of whiteness breeds itself through persuasion, coercion and fear, mediated by institutional power, writes Ayabonga Cawe. Andries Babeile stabbed a white pupil with a pair of scissors in the year 2000. Two years earlier … read more »

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