Dutch tourists leave SA after being robbed



JOHANNESBURG – The Dutch tourists who were robbed and assaulted in Johannesburg were to fly home on Tuesday night.

The tourists were attacked after leaving OR Tambo International Airport on Sunday.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has apologised to the Dutch embassy following the incident.

He and Tourism Minister Thokozile Xasa visited the 36 victims.

“We are really concerned that they had to cut short their trip and as we interacted with them we still hope that they will come back and enjoy our beautiful country as South Africa is a destination of choice,” Xasa said.

The tourists said their bus was stopped by what looked like a police vehicle, with one of the men dressed in police uniform.

VIDEO: Family robbed at gunpoint after returning from airport
Mbalula said: “We wish to assure the world that our police force and our law-enforcement agencies are working hard to ensure that this kind of incident will be something of the past. We are a peaceful people, we will never allow anywhere in our country to be run by and held to ransom by criminals. We will find them, bring them to book and the law will grind on them.”

It’s not the first time that criminals have targetted visitors and locals leaving OR Tambo airport.

Tourism minister Xasa said such attacks hurt tourism, a key sector of the economy that also creates jobs.

The Dutch ambassador to South Africa, Marisa Gerard, said she appreciated the prompt response of local authorities.

“I think it’s heartwarming that the two ministers are here, that it has the attention of the highest level and I am confident that we will find the people who did this and if there is some kind of organised crime …  if that can be solved then people can land again safely at OR Tambo.”


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