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Atheism in Botswana

By Leo Igwe   Like other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, most people in Botswana are religious and profess believe in god particularly the christian god. About 70 percent of the population professes christianity. But the country’s christian and theist demography … read more »

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How to reclaim African power

There’s not one week that goes by without a serious reminder of the immense challenges confronting Africa and all afro-descendents around the world. From African migrants drowning at sea by the thousands in the Mediterranean, to the powerlessness of African … read more »

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Afropessimism a disease of the soul!

I find that it is pretty difficult to encounter people who are optimistic or at least balanced in their perspectives about Africa as opposed to those who unleash bouts of Afropessimism with every statement that they make.  There is no … read more »

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