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Atheism and the Challenge of Deconversion in Black South Africa

South Africa is witnessing a new awakening. The country’s religious landscape is undergoing a rapid change because increasing number of people in black communities are going open with their atheism and non-religiosity. At the same time, atheists in black communities … read more »

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Why Africa Isn’t Rising, resource curse and how everyone - including the west, World Bank - is all in on it

New book looks to go beyond the tales of spectacular venality among Africa’s “Big Men” to show how the continent’s development is really being sapped Miss Africa Ireland 2009 and a friend during the annual Africa Day. Behind the gentle … read more »

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Why Africa’s professors are afraid of colonial education being dismantled

A series of student protests in South Africa has thrown up a number of questions. Many of these are linked to the problem of decolonising institutions. And at least one implicates the country’s professoriate by asking: how do academics transcend … read more »

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