Compare the best cheap electric bikes: which one to choose?

In addition to being comfortable to use, an electric bike has many advantages that make it one of the best modes of transportation. Before choosing a model, you need to have some necessary concepts. We talk about it in our comparison of the best cheap electric bikes. We have also tested you for a great value model for money.

How does an electric bike work?

An electric bike (or electric bike) is simply a regular bike equipped with an electric motor . The second is powered by a battery. Its autonomy is more or less important depending on the technology used. The cheap models presented at the top of our comparison have a good autonomy.

Another element of this comparison is the electronic control of electric bicycles. This specifies the various components that integrate the battery motor unit. Some of the best cheap models have a control box on the steering wheel.

Operating side, it is the engine that enables electric support . That is why we focus on this ingredient in our comparison. When you pedal, the engine starts. As soon as you stop, he also stopped. The control box can adjust its assistance, to know its mileage, etc.

Of course, you can ride without electric assistance and only activate if necessary. The best electric bicycles offer a number of assistance modes via a control located on the handlebars. Be aware that there are several types of pedelecs, we will discuss exactly in this comparison on the best cheap models.

What are the different types of electric bicycles, our comparison

Know that no VAE can “do anything” because the features depend on the budget model you choose. To compare the best electric bikes, we have categorized them into 6 broad categories to help you determine which cheap electric bike suits you best. This comparison will make the choice easier.

City electric bicycle

City electric bikes are the best option for urban use. This type of pedelec has a comfortable seat that allows comfortable driving. Thanks to their performance, you can make long journeys with minimum effort.

These cheap models are often sold with necessary equipment to ensure their maintenance. They also start from the best models of our comparison.

Folding electric bicycle

Very popular in the market, this machine exists in two versions that we present in this comparison of cheap electric bikes. On one side, we have folding models. They are reduced in size and therefore very compact. The best cheap folding pedals are relatively light and easy to carry.

On the other hand, we have compact models. We have included these in our comparison because they are the best in terms of compact form and shipping capacity. After folding, you can ride a cheap electric bicycle on board or even on an airplane. The best ones easily slip into adaptive travel bags.

Electric bicycle for walking

In this comparison, this type of device is the best way to travel great distances. You will drive faster and overcome the reliefs more easily, even the most difficult.

And rest assured, you will not be paralyzed upon arrival. You are also not at risk of fatigue because you will not do much to drive your cheap electric bike.

With the best of these cheap pedals, the cyclist can load his luggage without really worrying about the weight he carries. Indeed, they are equipped with a powerful electric help that will simplify your life.
This is one of the reasons why they are one of the best models in our comparison. When you add transmission line, frame geometry and brakes, it is the best ally for pedestrians.

Electric bicycle with cargo

Another comparison of us is the cheapest electric bike, “Electric Cargo Bike”. Today is one of the best all-purpose electric bicycles. The model of this platform is particularly strong and has a body that can be metal, wood or plastic. It is used to transport equipment or children on long trips (without fear of any relief).

On some levels, the best cheap cargo pedals prove to be an advantage over a car. That is exactly why we think it is appropriate to include them in our comparison.

They have good loading capacity and are easy to maneuver in city centers like in the countryside. Strong power support reduces the user when the load becomes too much (this is the case even on cheap models).

Electric mountain bike

ATV or VTTAE is mostly ordinary ATV, but much better. The difference is that these cheap electric bikes are powered by electric motors . This allows cyclists to easily cross the highest slopes.

Whether you are a professional sports player, a novice or an ordinary cyclist, VTTAE will be right for you. You will find cheap models for small budgets.

With minimal fitness, you’ll be able to walk and climb hills that seem impossible on electric bicycles. They are also a great way to overcome your limits in speed, course and height. It is important to choose the best cheap model of this type, which helps you compare with us.

The types of VAEs listed in our comparison are the most common types on the market. However, there are also: road models, electric VTC and speed bicycles. Would you like to know more about this type of model? Do not hesitate to consult our about AIMADO mountain bike .

Each of the categories we’ve just seen in this comparison has its characteristics that make it better than the others. Before making a choice, take the time to check the power support type of the model you’re interested in . It is very important to choose the best cheap electric bike that will meet your expectations.

Choose any electric support, our comparison

The best pedal is equipped with a handle control. This allows, depending on the model, to turn off the engine or select one or more support modes . The selected mode determines the operating principle of your device.
Let’s take a look in our comparison of your options on the type of support to choose the best cheap electric bike.

Support by turning the pedal

This system is the most popular because it is not expensive. He is the first one we are talking about. It integrates a sensor placed on the machine’s crankset. As soon as the sensor detects the rotation of the pedal, it will activate the engine.

In general, a pedal revolution is enough to start the engine of an electric bicycle. However, the best models of cheap pedelecs have an acceleration system at the handle.

This allows you to activate the engine without having to pedal. It is quite practical, but does not conform to the local laws for this type of device.
Support pressure sensor

For previous support mode, the engine starts when the sensor detects the pedal. Here, the engine starts as soon as you put pressure on the pedal of the cheap electric bike.

The more you pedal, the better the engine performance. So you can easily climb hill roads with your machine, helping to optimize energy consumption.
Whether or not the pedal speed is low, the most important thing is that you press the pedal of the cheap pedal. This system is ideal for a sports player. It gives a sense of accelerated printing and cycle control.

However, users must keep constant pressure on the pedal, but not all amateur cyclists can. Fortunately, our comparison presents a better model of cheap electric bicycles which is very convenient for beginners.

The support of force sensor

Our comparable type of electromagnetic support is not much different from before. It still gives some characteristics to the level of electric bikes. Here, it is the pedal and the beat are highlighted.

The combination of both factors determines the engine power of your cheap bike. When the cycle speed increases, the motor support is better.

This system is one of the best support systems for mountain biking or hiking. Indeed, to cross the coast with such assistance becomes easy. In addition, its cost is almost equivalent to that of pressure sensor support. This wise choice doesn’t have to be expensive.

Cardan stress support

It is positioned in the center to balance the pedal. It starts when there is chain pressure and the system has the advantage of being very responsive.
The chain extends immediately when you put your foot on the pedal of the device. So you can easily cross the slopes. However, you have to press the machine’s pedal to move forward.

The best models can have up to 4 levels of support. These can be adjusted via the handle controller. However, some cheap electric bikes only have a support level. But, that doesn’t mean they are not among the best. Their performance depends on the type of engine they have. Our comparison gives you the details.

Wheels or motor pedals, our comparison

External power support ( advantages biggest of pedelec ), type of motor is an important factor when it comes to choosing a cheap electric bike best.
The engine can be placed in the crankset or on one of the wheels (front or rear). EAB performance varies depending on the engine’s position as you will see in our comparison.

Motor wheel

This type of engine has two versions: the engine at the front or the engine at the back. In the first case, the engine is integrated in the center of the front wheel. It is not suitable for runways, wet pavement or climbing. Electric bikes quickly reach their limits on this type of terrain.
On the other hand, this engine allows to transform a classic model in VAE. Many of the best electric bicycles on the market are equipped with them. In addition, it has the advantage of being compatible with all gearshift systems. It is also suitable for all types of brake coaster.

In the second case, the engine is located in the center of the back wheel of the cheap electric bike . It ensures good pedal transmission. It is an interesting difficult property. However, this engine is only compatible with regular derailleurs. Plus, it has an impact on how you ride your bike .
Pedal motor

Here the engine is placed in the middle of the cheap electric bike. With this type of engine, the masses are better concentrated. The goal is to get a good balance to bring great maneuverability when using it. In other cases, such as hiking in the mountains, it helps to improve driving.

Compared to the rear wheel, this engine has no impact on machine behavior. It supports all system changes. In addition, it allows you to drive a longer distance. However, its implementation requires a suitable frame.

The motor of a cheap pedelec is powered by a battery. Therefore, the next point in our comparison.

What battery for my electric bike, our comparison

There are many types of batteries for cheap pedals. We have chosen to compare, the three most common types are also the best.

Pin that

In addition to being inexpensive, they provide a good energy efficiency. However, they are increasingly less integrated into the best cheap electric bikes. This is due to their slightly high weight and limited maximum power.
These batteries have no memory effect, affecting their recharging. Some models still have some sensitivity to negative temperatures. In addition, they have a reduced lifespan, ranging from 300 to 400 charge / discharge cycles.

Hybrid metal nickel batteries

Represented by the “Ni-Mh” symbol, they are the advanced version of nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries. They are significantly lighter than lead batteries. On the other hand, they are discharged rapidly. Their maximum capacity is still high: about 90Wh / kg. Their lifespan is 500 charge and discharge cycles .

These cheap electric bike batteries have one major drawback: their significant self-discharge rate. Do not use it in winter, there is a risk of running out of battery in the spring. They may be easily affected by memory. As a result, their capacity and the equipment they equip are limited.

Pin lithium-ion (Li-ion)

They have an important position in the handheld electronics market. These are the best options for many devices. They are integrated in most models of cheap pedelecs.

Their maximum capacity ranges from 120 to 150 Wh / kg. Apart from the limited weight, they have no memory effect. Therefore, they can be recharged before discharging.

Moreover, they can support up to 800 charging cycles. However, their cost is quite high and they can explode in case of overheating.

Pin lithium polymer (Li-Po)

At 140Wh / kg, they are stronger than all previous batteries. Their electrolysis does not require reinforced sealing. This makes them lighter than other cheap electric bike batteries. In addition, they have no memory effect and their charge / discharge cycles can reach 1500.

Unlike the lithium-ion batteries we just mentioned in comparison, they wo n’t explode in case of overheating. These are the best things for an electric bike. However, they are significantly more expensive than previous VAE batteries.

Autonomy besides a cheap model, must take into account a number of factors: steering type, weight of the driver, the level of support selected … The more you attract the motor of an electric bike, the more battery Hurry up. The minimum recommended for low-cost VAE is a battery with a minimumphạm vi hoạt động 50 km .

To return to the driving style, it depends largely on the characteristics of your chassis. We will discuss this in our following comparison of the best cheap electric bikes on the market.

Choose a frame for comfort? relatively

Depending on the purpose you want to use your device for, one frame may fit better than another. In cities, the reliefs are not uneven, the back side is therefore less touted. In this case, a cheap city electric bike with a low frame is suitable. With VTC, the frame is positioned so that you are slightly inclined.

VTC is used to drive in cities, but also tracks campaigns. Cheap models with 26-inch wheels can enjoy the best performance. On the other hand, the mountain bike frame forces users to rely on the handlebars. It is more suitable for advanced athletes who want to use their bikes on any type of terrain.

Comfort is essential for a pleasant pedelec practice, so choose frames carefully. In addition, you will also need to consider the weight of the machine. Electric assist bicycles usually weigh from 8 to 30 kg. The best choice is to choose a model that you will have no trouble shipping.

Now you just need to choose the type of transmission of your computer taking into account the information of our best cheap electric bike comparison.

Classic derailleur or central integration, our comparison

The transmission is another important point when buying this transport. It involves shifting which is placed at the following position. That’s why we talk about it in our comparison of the best cheap electric bikes. Be aware that there are 2 types of transmission for electric bicycles.

Classic derailleur

This type of pedelec transmission is done by pedaling. It allows you to pass freely from one speed to another, even if you put a lot of pressure on the pedals of a cheap device. It is suitable for any type of cycling.
The only drawback is that itlà không dễ dàng để duy trì.Chains fast enough and can derail. In addition, this gear lever is not compatible with cheap electric bikes with coaster brakes.

Derailleur integrated Hub

Here, the transmitter is located in the rear center of the machine. Less used than before, it is still very efficient and is best for those who follow coaster brakes. It allows to change gears without pedaling.

With an integrated protection system, the frequency of chain cleaning is reduced. In addition to derailleur, consider the brakes of your cheap electric bike. This is the next point in comparison.
What about the brakes of your pedelec?

Just like a gear shift, the brakes need to catch your attention when you choose your best low-cost electric bike. We want to remind you in this comparison that an eva rolls faster and is heavier than a regular bike . It goes without saying that braking is more necessary.

Most models have simple rim brakes working from steel cables. To choose the best cheap model, you will have to choose a strong braking system. If your machine’s power is higher than 250 W, hydraulic disc brakessẽ cần phải được chọn. They are the best way to prevent VAE from launching at high speed.
Another advantage of this electric assist bicycle brake, which we mentioned in this comparison, is that these pads do not wear out quickly. However, you must equip your two wheels. Otherwise, in a long descendant, prolonged braking can overheat the rim of your cheap model.


There are many factors to consider when buying a bike. So we listed the most important criteria in this comparison of the best cheap electric bikes.
They will help you choose the best model for you, one that will be of good quality and suitable for your needs. We also present in our comparison one of the best cheap pedals on the market.

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