How to choose an electric bike?

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is a normal bicycle, equipped with a motor and a rechargeable battery.

There are two kinds of electric bikes. The first is the VAE, electric bikes, which are limited to 25 km /h. In this case, the engine is only a help to the users. The individual must still pedal to operate the craft. The main purpose of the engine is to help the driver, in the ribs, with children or when there is wind.

The second is electric bikes, also called speed bikes bike. These can go up to 45 km /h. They are considered mopeds and will, therefore, need to meet the requirements of the regulations (registration, insurance, etc.)

The VAE is, therefore, a subcategory of electric bicycles. They respect European standards, with more security and ease. Electric bikes are different from electric scooters since it is necessary to pedal to make them work.

Why buy an electric bike

Electric bicycles are an ideal means of transportation to get around cities. They offer great mobility and comfort. If you were afraid to get sweaty at your workplace, the electric bike remedies this problem. With them, you will have more speed and less effort. In addition, they have health benefits. They stay athletic and can burn calories and lose weight. In addition, they are ecological. Indeed, they are electric and therefore do not emit greenhouse gases. Double bonus, so. Since these are means of locomotion own, you will be able to receive state aid of up to 200 USD. Also, inquire with your department. For example, it offers up to 400 USD of assistance. The municipality of Paris does the same in 2019. This is to reduce as much as possible air pollution.

The different types of electric bikes

city ​​bike: This bike is designed for urban travel. This is the most widespread VAE. It is thus very comfortable, its electric assistance is powerful and it requires little maintenance. It is often used in major cities when there is a need for medium journeys.

Folding VAE

This bicycle is to choose if you use multimodal displacements. For example, if you make bike trips and then need to take public transportation. It bends more or less easily and is often light. Be careful, some weigh almost 20 kilograms.

VAE hiking

These bikes are revolutionizing cycle tourism. Thanks to them, you can travel far without tiring yourself. So you can walk on the roads in peace. Many models come with luggage racks or panniers for your belongings. Be careful to calculate the weight carried by bike and choose the appropriate power. A robust battery is recommended in this type of use.

VAE post

Cargo bikes are those with front or rear cargo boxes for carrying children or equipment. The engine is very useful here when there are climbs since it helps to support the extra weight. It is therefore preferred for families or individuals who often have to carry equipment.


The VTC, an all-road bike, is a mixed bike. It makes it possible to leave the cities and adapts very easily to the paths. Indeed, it has versatile tires that offer comfort on both types of terrain. It is preferred for individuals who want to move with the city while having the opportunity to go for walks in the countryside.


This bike is perfect for sports bike fans or those who wanted to get in there, but who did not have the physical condition. It revolutionizes mountain biking and allows its users to go further and further. The power provided by the electric motor facilitates the climbs. It also allows you to practice longer.


It is the unaided bikes that work without the need to pedal. They allow going to 45 km / h. They show themselves here as an ecological alternative to the vehicle. Indeed, you will need a helmet, insurance, and even a license. However, it will be perfect if you have to move quickly, but you do not want to invest in a scooter or a car.

Regulation around electric bicycles

E-bikes must comply with safety rules. For a bicycle to be homologated as a pedelec, it must respect three rules: the power of its motor must not exceed 250 Watts. It must not exceed 25 km / h. The assistance is triggered only when the user is pedaling . EAVs must only ride on bike lanes.

If you own an electric bike, types speed bikes, you will get out of the regulation of bicycles. In this case, you enter the legislation of mopeds. You will need to register, buy insurance, wear an approved helmet and have an AM license.

What is the price of an electric bike?

The prices of electric bicycles generally vary between 1000 and 3000 euros.

Bicycles that are around 1000 euros bicycles have less autonomy and less worked finishes. However, they offer what they are asked for, electric bicycle assistance. Between 1,500 and 3,000 euros are bikes with well-designed design, with good features designs and good equipment features and well equipped ..

Above 3000, are the very high-end bikes who normally possess all the necessary equipment. You will usually find here, the speed bikes or the speed bikes design very worked.

The first prices-price starts around 500USD. They are a little less good quality. To arrive at this price, the builders often had to play on the quality. French electric bicycles are often very good quality/price.

Which engine to choose?

The power of an electric bike is its ability to move forward effectively. Power rhymes with performance. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate to choose this power according to your real needs. Why buy a model with a very powerful engine while it will be used only for strolling from time to time?

Engines on electric bikes create the energy that will later help you move the bike forward. They are differentiated by their technology and their power. It is, therefore, necessary to choose an engine adapted to your needs.

The motors of electric bicycles are usually between 250 and 350 Watts. With those of 250 Watts, we will mainly find electric bikes that do not exceed 25 km /h. Those of 350 Watts correspond to speed bikes, traveling at 45 km / h.who go at a speed of 45 km / h.

Two engine models exist. They are both good, but some details change. You will have to choose between these two engines according to your needs.

Pedal motors

It is today the model of the motor more appreciated by the manufacturers. It is, indeed, the most complete and the one that adapts best to the different types of electric bikes. It is nevertheless heavier and noisier. In addition, it pulls on the bike chain, so you will have to change it more often. It is preferred if you are looking for power.

Engines in the front or rear wheel

These are the most used engines in the industry. Simple and cheap, they allow changing gear quickly and easily. However, since the engine is located on the wheel, it will be a bit more complicated to change. The engines in the wheels remain device changes. However, because the engine is placed on the wheel, the change will be a bit more complicated. The motors in the wheels are still cheaper than the pedal engine. Bikes less than 2000 euros are usually equipped.

We distinguish the engine in the front wheel, which is most suitable for everyday use. It is lighter, has a better grip and requires little maintenance. Most bikes are equipped with this type of engine.

The engine in the rear wheel is preferred for more sporting uses. It is to be avoided if you want to use it in a city style. Indeed, it requires regular maintenance and has a lack of grip on rainy days. In addition, the engine presses the derailleur, you may have complications at this level.

Which battery to choose?

The battery is the most important part of electric bikes. Most are today made of Lithium. This material offers greater autonomy and is lighter, usually around 2.5 kg. Lithium batteries have a life expectancy of around 5 to 6 years. The unit of measure of the battery is expressed in Watts/hour, the higher it is, the more the battery will have great autonomy. Their capacities are generally between 250 Wh, offering 30 to 80 km of autonomy and 750 Wh ranging from 90 to 250 km. For daily use, aim at a large capacity, you will need to recharge less often.

The autonomy of your electric bike can, however, vary according to your weight, the type of course, if you make frequent stops, so be sure to adapt the battery according to these factors.

Many brands of VAE use on their model’s batteries or motors designed by other companies. For example, Gitane bikes are equipped with Yamaha engines. Bosch, meanwhile, sometimes provides Haibike batteries.

Which assistance to choose?

There are two big differences in the types of the assistance of e-bikes.

The first is all - or - nothing assistance. The engine will detect that the user is pedaling after one or two turns. So for the engine, either you pedal or you do not pedal. The assistance therefore always works at the same level and does not adapt to the user. However, in most models, there are different modes such as eco, medium or sport that still allow adapting minimum assistance according to the needs.

The second mode of assistance is proportional. A sensor will measure the force exerted when you pedal. The bike will know exactly the level of difficulty in real-time and will adapt its assistance accordingly. The different modes will serve more here as an indicator and will not really change the help as with all-or-nothing assistance. In addition, this model has better responsiveness and lower power consumption. High-end bicycles will usually be equipped with this assistance.

What weight for a pedelec?

When buying an electric bike, the weight is too often neglected. This is an essential criterion. On average, an electric bike weighs between 20 and 25 kg. However, the weight of the VAE depends mainly on the frame, the battery, the wheels. The weight also depends on the power of the bike. You will, however, find much lighter bikes like folding bikes, suitable for multimodal travel. These bikes weigh on average between 9 and 18 kg.

A model too heavy could quickly use its engine model can quickly use its engine, obliged to provide more energy. In addition, too much weight is serious to provide additional power. Also, too much weight is a serious handicap once power assistance disabled once the energy support is disabled. Too light VAE, however, can be an indicator of poor quality construction . Unless you are carbon fiber, you should avoid bikes weighing less than 10 kg. Conversely, a weight exceeding 30 kg will also be prohibited. Too light a VAE could, however, be an indicator of poor quality construction . Unless you are carbon fiber, you should avoid bikes weighing less than 10 kg. Conversely, a weight that exceeds 30 kg will also be prohibited.

What are the components?

An electric bike is a normal bike with an engine added. It has the same components as a classic bicycle. In addition, it has a battery, a control screen, motor control, and a speed sensor.

Does the electric bike need special maintenance?

E-bikes do not require any specific maintenance. However, you have to pay attention to some small details. In particular, it must be ensured, at each revision, that the engine is tight.

The battery, remember, the most important part of a pedelec requires a little attention. Attention must be paid to storage, temperature, and shocks. It will have to be loaded when it falls below the 20% mark. To avoid damaging it, it is also advisable not to leave it plugged in too long once full. Finally, it must be remembered that the battery of a VAE ideally stores between 10 and 25 ° C. If you park in the sun, it is advisable to take the battery with you.

For an optimal battery, be sure to fully charge and discharge it for the first three uses. Also, if you do not use it for a while, remove it from your bike. Make sure it is not unloaded and store it in a dark place.

However, as with a normal bike, you will need to pay attention to: the oil, the quality of the brakes and tires, check the tightness of the wheels, the handlebars, and the stem. To ensure optimum performance, it will also be necessary to lubricate the chain regularly, and do not forget to check if there is friction between it and the derailleur. A monthly re-inflated tire is also recommended. The brake pads will have to be changed annually.

In addition, it is advisable to clean it occasionally recommended to occasionally clean it, to remove small scale and dust., to get rid of small residues and dust.

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