South Africa: Exposing the DA party


Stockholm Syndrome is where some young black youth in SA supports a party that was formed by former apartheid regime remnant politicians. The party DA which rules over cape town, which is the most racist city in southern hemisphere. Some of the members of this party includes Sam Pienaar who On 15 October 1985, members of the South African Railway Police hid in wooden crates on the back of a railway truck and opened fire on a crowd of protesters in Athlone, Cape Town, killing three youths and injuring several others. The operation was planned and implemented by a sub-structure of the regional Joint Management Centre. It was repeated in Crossroads, Cape Town, the following day, killing a further two youths. The party also include the woman who called Africans monkeys at the beach, also includes the white woman member of parliament who claimed that apartheid era was great time in SA. The party is a cesspool of senile racist individuals from apartheid era. Once they tried taking back the national government and failed, they decided to recruit a young black politician from ANC. They gave him a white wife and put him in the position of the party leader to sway more votes and bring back the political power to the minority fold (Nothing against his wife or marriage, but it was a politically drafted move). Unfortunately though, some black youths walking around like they just got off brain surgery and left their brains on trays in the hospitals are supporters of this organization that is exposed of racism every single hour of the day. Since ANC is the party that gave these apartheid killers free pass through reconciliation, we STAND and Support FFF and Malema. We believe that change in one corner can spark change all over Africa. If the minority group of dutch (Afrikaans) get back the political power, they are likely to continue destabilizing other countries like they did in Namibia, started wars in Angola and mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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